What We Do

Dog Walking Cranbourne is a reliable pet service offering professional dog walking in Cranbourne Vic and the surrounding areas. 

We provide a wide range of pet services, including daily dog walks with dog walk monitoring, pet sitting, dog boarding and others

We pride ourselves to be among the most preferred pet service providers in Cranbourne, Victoria. We offer an affordable and great way to keep your dogs happy and healthy with free protection pet safety practices at the best dog walking prices.

Our dog walkers are pet lovers themselves, and they love taking care of other peoples' furry friends. Our vow is to make sure that your pet stays active and healthy even when you're away. 

We have a first-class support team that will cater to your pet's individual needs, which only true pet lovers can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Dog Walker? A Pet Sitter?

Dog Walker

A dog walker is someone who will take your dog for a walk. They make sure they exercise, socialise with other dogs and people.

Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is someone who will provide love and care for your dog in your home or in our location. They usually provide food, water, and exercise and give them love and attention all day as much as the pet owners.

What Are the Benefits of Having Someone to Walk and Take Care of Your Dog?

Dogs, like humans, need to have some form of physical activity and they come with advantages:

  • dogs that are exercised and relieved during the day feel better at night and sleep more soundly. 

  • less time spent in a kennel (i.e. on holiday) - reduces boredom and stress levels, which can lead to separation anxiety and other behavioural issues

  • reduces the likelihood of a dog developing joint problems

  • less likely to be lonely/bored when their owner is at work or away on holiday

How Long Should Dog Walks Take?

Different types of dogs need different sets of activities. As such, it is crucial to match the pet type with their respective exercise and duration.

The duration should be adjusted to the size/age/breed requirements when it comes to dog walking.

There are dogs that are more active than the others and require less exercise. Some breeds such as labradors, retrievers or spaniels need a lot of walking to be happy and pet owners should have access to large areas. Other dog types like pugs or bulldogs can enjoy shorter walks on the lead near home daily.

What to Consider in Determining the Duration and Frequency of Your Dog's Activity?

There are a few important matters to keep in mind when determining how often dog walks should be:

  • the dog's age and activity level (an older dog feels tired quicker than younger ones and are better off with a slow walk and sniff type activities)

  • how many hours a day your dog is left alone at home

  • number of household children or other pets that might be in danger from an unsupervised dog who gets too excited when they see them 

Small Dog

The dog walker will take the small dog to a local park to play and run around for up to 30 minutes.

Medium Dog

For medium dogs, they can go on walks in your neighbourhood or near your home where you want them taken, as long as it is safe. They'll need about 45 minutes of exercise.

Big Dog

For big dogs, you'll want them taken on a long walk in the park or near your home where they can run free and have some time to explore. A dog walking service will need about an hour with bigger breeds, especially if a dog prefers to walk slower than the average pace.

What are the Disadvantages of NOT Hiring a Professional Dog Walker?

If you're not hiring someone to take your dog for walks, then they'll probably be bored and restless when left alone at home. This situation can lead to many problems (from not being exercised enough) such as:

  • jumping up on people who visit the house

  • dog destroys things left around for them to chew on (e.g. furniture and shoes)

  • peeing inside or outside of the home due to lack of outdoor physical activity

People who are experiencing any of the above issues must hire trusted pet sitters and nearby dog walkers to take care of their pets.

Why Choose Dog Walking Cranbourne?

Dog walking Cranbourne is among the best pet service providers that you can find in the Cranbourne area. We offer flexible hours for our customers' convenience so that we can accommodate your busy schedule!

We likewise offer the best customer service around.

We give a free consultation to discuss what pet services will work best for your dog and family!  We also provide our customers with all the necessary details about our company upfront, including prices and insurance information.

Dog Safety Tips for Pet Lovers - Dog Owners

Taking care of your pets is never an easy task. From daily walks to vet visits, the responsibility of caring for a pet can bring both joy and stress into your life.

To help you with your dog ownership responsibilities, here are some essential safety tips to consider, especially if you still haven't decided on hiring a professional dog walking service:

  • it's not safe for a dog to walk on the street unsupervised, so take them somewhere they can be supervised. 

  • if you're walking multiple dogs at once, make sure they're all on the same leash. If they're not, it will be hard to control them when one starts pulling, and you might trip over their leashes as well.

  • if a dog is aggressive or uncontrollable, call off your walk for that day because chances are they'll get worse if left unattended.

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