24 Hour Dog Care

Do you worry about your dog? Do you feel guilty that you haven't been able to provide them with the care they need? Worry no more because Dog Walking Cranbourne is here to help.

Dog owners often find themselves in a tough spot, especially when they get caught up with work and other unexpected events in their lives. This is the very reason why Dog Walking Cranbourne decided to offer a 24-hour dog care service!

Dog Walking Cranbourne offers overnight visits regularly or as needed based on a dog owner's needs. Our professional staff are available daily to take your furry friend out for walks, trips to the park, playtime at home, etc.

We will be in charge of providing not just a place for your pet but also someone who can make sure he has everything he needs and loves.

What is the 24-Hour Dog Care Service all about?

24-Hour dog care service is an option for dog owners who need to know that their pet is being cared for while away for a longer time. Whether it be overnight or just for a few hours, we can make sure your pet has everything he needs!

Dogs need plenty of exercise, but they also often require a lot more attention than humans do. They don't have the ability to tell us when something is wrong or hungry and thirsty so their parents (owners) need to be in tune with their four-legged friend's needs. For this very same reason, you would need to make sure that somebody is taking care of your dog while you are away.

Why You Need One

There are several good reasons why you would need this service. It might be because your work hours make it impossible for you or a family member to look after your fur baby during the day. Another is when there is nobody at home with him/her when you go out on a trip.

Many pet owners want their pets not only to be taken care of but also exercised and played with. Pet sitting professionals will ensure that your furry friend is given the physical activity they crave for so much during these 24 hours.

How Can You Prepare for Your Appointment with a Pet Sitter

  • Prepare a list of instructions for the pet sitter. Include details on how your dog likes to spend his or her day and what they need when it is time to eat, sleep, be let outside, etc
  • Give them any information such as medications that you give to your canine companion or even if there are any allergies present.
  • Give the pet sitter a list of emergency contacts and where they can find your vet information.
  • Let your pet sitter know about any behaviours or quirks that you would like for them to be aware of, as well!

Helpful Tips & Tricks on How to Train Your Pets Before They Go Away for Boarding

It is not all the time that you will be able to train your pets before they go away for boarding. But, if you do have the time to prepare them beforehand, it will be a great thing! Training can help set certain behaviours in place.

That way, even when you are gone, and the pet sitter has taken over the care of your dog or cat, he will be more comfortable with their new routine.

Here are a few simple tips that you can try yourself before you bring your dog's to us:

  • The first important step in training your dog is to make sure they get enough exercise. It helps with their physical health and prevents them from becoming bored and restless while you are away.
  • Offer variety when it comes to food, treats, toys and activities during these 24 hours so your pet does not get bored.
  • An essential part of the training you need to do before your pet goes away is giving them plenty of time without interruptions and distractions.
  • It's also a good idea for at least one day before their departure; they should be able to have some quality 'alone' time in the house with doors.

Contact Us

The 24-Hour Dog Care Service is all about providing your pup with the best care possible. You can be confident knowing that when you leave for vacation, they will be taken good care of and have plenty of things to do while at home alone.

As humans, we know how difficult it is when somebody leaves us behind during work hours or on a long trip away from our loved ones, and pets are no different! It's essential to make sure your dog feels comfortable before they go away, so speak to their pet sitter beforehand and try these tips and tricks on how to train them first. Dog Walking Cranbourne only wants the best for you and your four-legged friend so give us a call now at (03) 5910 5000 to know how we can help.