Dog Sitting

If you're looking for a dog sitter in your area, then look no further! Dog Walking Cranbourne offers you reliable services at an affordable price.

We fully understand that your dog is a member of the family, and we take this responsibility seriously. We vow to treat your dogs as if they were our own. Your pet's safety, happiness and well-being are essential to us!

Whether you're looking for dog walking, dog boarding or just a quick visit to let your pets out and spend time with them while you're away from home, we can take care of it!

What is Dog Sitting

Dog sitting is a great way to provide your dog with some quality time while you are away. The dog sitter will come to your home and take care of all your dog's needs, such as feeding them, walking the dog or playing with them.

Dog sitting can be an excellent choice for people who work long hours and need someone to watch their pets while they are at work. The service usually includes house visits twice per day (morning and evening).

This service is also excellent for people who need someone to watch their dog when they go out of town.

Why You Need One

There are many different reasons why you would need to hire a dog sitter:

  • It will keep your dog from feeling left out of all the family activities when you are gone. You can also get a break from their time, which is especially nice for those days that they're extra needy or not getting along with other pets in the house.
  • Dogs who don't see very many people outside of their family may be more clingy or reactive during this time.
  • It can also help keep your dog from being too bored while you're gone and potentially getting into trouble (chewing, digging).
  • Dogs who have separation anxiety will benefit if they stay in their home with a dog sitter rather than having to go to a kennel.
  • The dog sitter can also provide medication and other treatments your veterinarian has prescribed.

How to Find a Good Dog Sitter

There are several ways how to find a dog sitter you can trust.

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations, but only if you trust their judgment.
  • Talk to your vet or animal shelter about dog sitters they recommend in the area.
  • Look online at sites like Yelp!, which have reviews of dog sitting services from folks on the ground.

Better still, reach out to Dog Walking Cranbourne by dialling (03) 1234 5678, and we'll do the rest!

Helpful Tips When Engaging the Help of A Pet Sitter

It is also good to have long-term agreements, which can help you save money on pet sitting services.

Some people are not comfortable leaving their pets in someone else's care, but if they are properly vetted, that should be less of a concern.

A few important things to remember are as follows:

  • Ask if you can bring in a blanket, toy or other familiar items to help settle them during their stay.
  • Provide important contact information to the dog sitter and ask how best to reach out should an emergency arise while you're gone.
  • Ask the dog sitter about their experience with your pet's food and feeding schedule, any medications they may need and other care specific to your pup or cat
  • Consider a visit before booking a long term stay since you want an animal lover who understands your fur baby is not just another guest in someone else's home
  • You may want to ask for a meet and greet with the sitter's pets, if possible.

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