Home Visits

Get your dog home visits done right with Dog Walking Cranbourne! We offer a range of services tailored to fit your needs and your dogs. Whether you need a routine home visit or an emergency visit, we are here for you and your four-legged friends!

We come and take care of your four-legged friends in the comfort of their own home, whether it be feeding them or playing with other dogs! Our team is experienced in handling any dog situation - from giving medication to arthritis treatment. We also offer dog walking services, so if you need a little time to get errands done, we can take your pup for a walk!

We offer the following dog home visits services:

  • Daily Visits for Feeding and Playing
  • Emergency Home Visit Services - Illness, Injury or Death in Family
  • Dog Boarding at Your House with Routine Walks while You're Away on Vacation!
  • Medication Administration of all types, including tablets, liquids, and injectables
  • Intestinal Parasite Control
  • Grooming Services
  • Senior Pet Care (Brushing)
  • Arthritis Treatment - We'll administer anti-inflammatories as well as joint supplements.

What are Dog Home Visits

Dog home visits are a great way to ensure that your pet is well cared for in the comfort of your own home. This service is an excellent choice for people who are working for long hours and even for those who work from home or go on vacation.

Why Do Dog Home Visits Make Sense for Your Pet's Health and Happiness?

There are many takeaways on having a pet sitter come over to your place to visit your dogs.

Among the most obvious reason are:

  • Regular home visits can provide social interaction and exercise for your dog so that they don't get lonely while you're away.
  • It reduces the chances of destructive behaviours when left alone because they are played with regularly by a caring person.
  • You have someone to let them out if their bladder is full or take them outside for a walk.
  • They get to eat twice as much food as they would at home because your dog's mind and bodywork differently when you're not there.
  • The petsitter will groom them if needed or play with their favourite toy!

How Often Should you Schedule a Dog Home Visit?

Once a day is best for dogs with medical problems. Mornings are great because your dog will be more active, and the pet sitter can play while they eat breakfast. Twice a week would work well if your dog needs company, but not on an empty stomach in the morning! Weekends are always a great time to bring your pet in because they'll be more active with the company. No need to worry about feeding or walking on weekends as our pet sitters are available all day.

Please note: This service does not include overnight stays.

The Best Way to Find Out if You're Ready for a Daily Pet Care Service is by Asking Yourself these Questions:

  • Do you feel like your dog has an adequate and safe amount of exercise?
  • Are you able to provide a nutritious diet for your dog every day?
  • Is there enough room in the house, yard or apartment for your pet to freely roam around without getting into trouble or becoming too anxious? If not, how do you plan to make it safe and comfortable for your pet?
  • Is the dog housebroken or able to be trained if not yet?
  • What are your plans for having children in the future, including any that would live with you full time?

What Can You Expect from Our Team?

We'll come with a smile and an open heart for the dog we will be helping. We are ready to play, walk, feed, medicate as needed and provide all of the companionship your dog needs while you're away from home or at work!

A professional team member will take over some of your dog's day-to-day responsibilities, including feeding and walking.

We will take care of all the tasks you need assistance with so you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in good hands while not under your supervision. If there are any additional services needed or requested by our clients, we would be happy to provide these free of charge.

We will not only take care of your dog during the day, but we also can come in evenings and weekends to offer overnight stays. We'll take care of your dog for you while you're away on short trips or vacations.

We have a team member available at any given time for emergency visits when you are unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Dog home visits are an excellent option for those who have busy schedules or any pet owners that need some help with the daily care of their dog(s). Not only will we feed and walk your dog every day, but we'll ensure your pup is getting adequate exercise and nutrition.

We can also provide dog home visits for those with multiple pets or just a couple of dogs that need daily care. We offer personalized services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients, with a variety of different packages available depending on your specific situation.