Private Walks

If you're looking for reliable, professional dog walkers to take your pup on a private, one-on-one adventure, we've got you covered! Our team of dog walkers are experienced in working with dogs of all shapes and sizes. We are open to serving you all week long and have affordable rates that fit any budget.

Our private walks will give your pup the exercise they need while getting them out and about to explore new areas. We'll make sure that all of their needs are met by going as long or short a distance as needed and providing plenty of water breaks along the way. Plus, we only use positive reinforcement training techniques, so you can rest assured your pup is getting the best possible care!

What is a Private Dog Walker and How Does it Work?

A private dog walker is a professional who walks dogs on a one-on-one basis. Dog walking services are for people that like to have their pup walked by someone other than themselves.

A private dog walker will come and pick up your pup from the location you specify, take them on a long or short walk, and then return them to you.

When Should You Hire a Private Dog Walker?

  • If you need someone to take your dogs for a walk regularly.
  • If your dog has special needs such as separation anxiety, health issues, or behavioural problems.
  • If your pup has some physical limitation that prevents them from walking long distances without tiring out, they still want the socialization benefits of going on walks.
  • If you live a busy lifestyle and need someone to come in the middle of the day or early morning, take your pup for a walk.
  • If you work longer than typical business hours, such as those who work at night or do shift work, and would like someone other than yourself to take care of their dog during these hours.
  • If you are on vacation and don't want to have to board your dog at a kennel, or if you want someone else (who loves dogs) to do the job of walking them for you so that they can get some much-needed exercise.
  • If your pup needs more socialization opportunities than what you can provide, but you are too busy to commit to dog-sitting or boarding your dog at a kennel.

How do you know your dog needs to be walked more often?

Each dog is different, but a good rule of thumb is that dogs need to be walked once or twice per day.

The most common reason for excessive barking and destructive behaviour in the home is due to pent-up energy from not getting enough exercise over time.

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If you are a busy professional or do not have the time to walk your dog every day and want someone else to take care of it for you, hiring a private dog walker is what you need. Private walks offer many benefits over traditional in-home pet sitting services, including reduced stress on your pup from being confined inside all day. They also provide more interaction with the outside world, which is beneficial for their mental health and physical activity levels. Whether your pup needs exercise or just some companionship, give us a call today to learn more about our services and affordable rates.